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Our Webinars are brought to you by:


Upcoming events

    • 30 Mar 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM (PDT)

    The Governing Board of

    WP&BC presents


     ERISA Litigation Update:

    Recent ERISA Lawsuits And Their Impact On Plan Fiduciaries And Service Providers


    Tuesday, March 30, 2021

    10:00 am  to 11:45 pm PST


      Our Presentation:

    Notwithstanding the pandemic, ERISA litigation continues to hit 401(k) plan sponsors and other plan fiduciaries.  In this webinar, the panelists will discuss recent lawsuits against plan fiduciaries and/or plan service providers, including claims involving actively managed target date funds, retail share class funds, managed accounts, participant data, and cyberbreaches.  They will also discuss the impact of such litigation on plan fiduciaries and service providers.  Our panel will also cover updates on litigation over plan provisions requiring arbitration of ERISA claims and setting a deadline to bring ERISA claims. 

      Our Speakers:


      Director, Trucker Huss

      Rated as a "Rising Star" and as a "Super Lawyer" Angel represents plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and service providers in ERISA class action and single plaintiff lawsuits nationwide.  She has a broad range of experience in employee benefits law and fiduciary breach matters.

      Angel has counseled and defended clients in matters involving employer stock option plans, employee stock valuation, inclusion of employer stock in retirement plans, investment of plan assets, management and recordkeeping fees, executive compensation arrangements, disability claims, and church and governmental plans.  She has managed employee benefits and ERISA cases in all stages of litigation in state and federal courts, and before arbitration panels and administrative agencies.


      Director, Trucker Huss

      Listed as a Northern California “Super Lawyer” in the area of employee benefits law since 2014, Clarissa advocates zealously and effectively for employee benefit plans, plan administrators, plan sponsors, and other fiduciaries before federal and state courts and government regulatory agencies.

      As a director in Trucker Huss' nationally recognized ERISA litigation group (First Tier Nationally in US News and World Report Best Lawyers), she has handled a broad spectrum of litigation, including cases involving benefit claims, fiduciary issues, plan administration, multiemployer plans, withdrawal liability, delinquent contributions, plan reimbursement and subrogation, non-ERISA benefit plans (such as governmental plans and church plans), and class actions


       Continuing Education:

      • 2 CE for AIF (pending)
      • 2 CE for CEBS
      • 2 CE for CFP (pending)
      • 2 CECs for ERPA 
      • 2 CECs for JBEA
      • 2 CPEs for ASPPA certifications
      • 2 CECs for NIPA certifications
      • 2 hours for California CPAs 
      • 1.75 hours of California MCLE
      • 2 CECs for CRPS (pending)

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    Past events

    17 Feb 2021 401(k) Testing Techniques: before, during and after
    28 Jan 2021 Correcting Elective Deferral Failures: who, what, when, where and why?
    26 Jan 2021 Annual ABC's of Pension Plans
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    29 Oct 2020 ONLINE Webinar: Spooky Documents - Defined Contribution Plan Restatements
    24 Sep 2020 ONLINE Webinar: New Retirement Plan Designs as a Result of the SECURE Act
    27 Aug 2020 ONLINE Webinar: ERISA Goes to the Supreme Court—An Analysis of Recent Supreme Court Decisions and Pending Cases
    06 Aug 2020 ONLINE Webinar: The Emerging Cybersecurity Risks as a Result of COVID-19
    25 Jun 2020 ONLINE Webinar: Loans: Correcting Taxation, Qualification and Fiduciary Failures + COVID19
    28 May 2020 ONLINE Webinar: More Strange but True Tales of 403(b) Plans
    07 Apr 2020 ONLINE Webinar: COVID-19 - Helping Employees during the Pandemic
    17 Mar 2020 ONLINE WEBINAR: ERISA Litigation Recent Hot Issues
    25 Feb 2020 ONLINE WEBINAR: Deep Dive on RMDs
    22 Jan 2020 ONLINE WEBINAR: Coming Full Circle: Compensation for Self-Employed Individuals
    19 Nov 2019 ONLINE Webinar:Ethics – The Fun Way!
    24 Sep 2019 ONLINE Webinar:Missing Participants & Uncashed Checks: WTF (without the fuss)
    21 Aug 2019 ONLINE Webinar:Voluntary Closing Agreements—The Non-EPCRS Correction Program
    14 May 2019 ONLINE Webinar:Courts, Congress & Compliance What’s New for ERISA Litigation, Benefits Legislation, and Agency Guidance for 2019?
    23 Apr 2019 ONLINE Webinar:Pension De-Risking – Solutions for Managing Defined Benefit Pension Obligations
    20 Mar 2019 ONLINE Webinar: Missing 401(k) Plan Participants: Gone But Not Forgotten
    20 Feb 2019 ONLINE Webinar: 401(k) Testing: Testing Techniques, HCE Determination and Compensation Options
    29 Jan 2019 ONLINE Webinar: One Year In: The Qualified Business Income Deduction and its Impact on the Retirement Plan Industry
    12 Dec 2018 Online Webinar: Ethics and Professional Responsibility - 2018
    14 Nov 2018 Online Webinar: Financing Health: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
    30 Oct 2018 Online Webinar: Employee Benefits in Mergers and Acquisitions – the Sequel
    18 Sep 2018 Online Webinar: Disclosures, Notices, and Filing Requirements for Your Retirement Plan
    23 Aug 2018 Online Webinar:Everything You and Your Clients Should Know About Beneficiary Designation Forms
    12 Jun 2018 Online Webinar:403(b) Hot Topics (and that’s not an oxymoron)
    20 Apr 2018 RECORDED Webinar: An Update on ERISA Litigation
    27 Mar 2018 ONLINE Webinar: An Update on ERISA Litigation
    22 Feb 2018 ONLINE Webinar: Safe Harbor 401(k) plan corrections
    09 Jan 2018 ONLINE Webinar: The Entity, the Plan and the Return: Taxation and Deduction Issues for Qualified Retirement Plans
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar: The Dos and Don'ts of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar - Advanced Qualified Domestic Relations Orders
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar - Defined Contribution Compliance Reboot
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar: Advanced Compliance Testing – How to Put the Rules to Work for Plan Sponsors
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar - THE COMPLEX WORLD OF REHIRES
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar - Recovering Pension Overpayments - Navigating the Maze
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar: Missing Participants & Uncashed Checks: Problems Never Contemplated by ERISA
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar: Introduction to Cash Balance Plans for Non-Actuaries
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar: Ethics for TPAs and Other Professionals - 2017
    31 Dec 2017 RECORDED WEBINAR: 457, 401(k), & 403(b) Plans - Which is right for your clients' or your organization?
    31 Dec 2017 RECORDED WEBINAR: DB/DC Update on New Regulations opens Retirement Plan Innovation
    31 Dec 2017 Recorded Webinar: Negotiating Good Service Agreements
    30 Mar 2017 Online Webinar: Improve Plan Results
    15 Dec 2016 Online Webinar: Ethics for TPAs and Other Professionals
    01 Dec 2016 Online Webinar: Missing Participants & Uncashed Checks: Problems Never Contemplated by ERISA
    02 Nov 2016 Independent Third Party Audits – Why a 403(b) Audit is not a 401(k) Audit
    27 Oct 2016 Webinar - Top Ten Audit Deficiencies
    23 Aug 2016 Online Webinar: Save More Tomorrow
    17 May 2016 Online Webinar: Smooth Sailing Ahead: Negotiating Your Ship through the New Rules for Mid-Year Changes to Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
    04 May 2016 Online Webinar: The New Fiduciary Rules: What Do You Need to Know and Do Now?
    21 Apr 2016 Online Webinar: Tales From an ERISA Plan Auditor – Dream Clients and Nightmare Clients
    23 Mar 2016 Online Webinar: Cybersecurity
    18 Feb 2016 Online Webinar: Risk Management for Retirement Benefits Professionals
    27 Jan 2016 Online Webinar: The ESOP Exit Option – Benefits and Advantages
    10 Dec 2015 ONLINE WEBINAR: Ethics for TPAs and Other Professionals
    23 Oct 2015 Online Webinar: Welfare Plan Issues for Same-Sex Married Couples
    22 Sep 2015 Online Webinar: Pension De-Risking – Where Do We Stand Now?
    09 Jun 2015 Online Webinar: Health Plans and Beyond
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